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Designed by a midwife and entrepreneur to help calm your baby

Calma Koala is the first toy of its kind. Soft in colour, sound and to touchDesigned to help calm your baby and aid in sensory development. 

About Our Product

Calma Koala 


Calma Koala is proudly made in Australia and is 
compliant with AUD, NZ, EU, UKCA & USA toy safety standards for 0+ ages. 
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How to use  Calma Koala


Soft, repetitive 

sounds aid in calming a baby. 


Gentle, soft repetitive motions help calm a baby.


Engage a baby's sight by placing Calma Koala™ directly in front of them. The black eyes and nose will engage a babies monochrome sight. 

Calma Koala™ is designed to be used in repetition as a toy aid, along with our exclusive Calma Koala™ lullaby.

Babies love the comfort of your voice, especially in song. 

We recommend when your baby needs calming place Calma Koala™ in their hands and in a soft slow voice sing the Calma Koala™ lullaby.

Your baby will soon associate the sense of calm with the presences of Calma Koala™ and/or hearing the lullaby.

To read more ways to calm your baby based on age click the link below. You'll also find information on Sensory Development per age group.