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Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Visual stimulation is one of the best ways to extend tummy time. Tummy time is very important for a baby’s development from day one, as it strengthens a baby’s neck, back and chest muscles whilst also preparing them for rolling over and crawling. Babies don't have great head control at birth so we always need to support a baby's head and neck but tummy time helps to build this strength over time. Practicing tummy time isn’t easy for young babies and can sometimes get quite frustrating for them. Babies may not like being on their tummies so building up to tummy time by taking breaks, sometimes just a minute or two is enough.

Calma Koala™ is the perfect toy to use for these moments. The bold black eyes and nose and white around the Koala’s ears stimulate the development of the optic nerves. Focusing on such visual stimuli trains newborns vision, teaching the eye muscles and brain to coordinate and function properly.

In the first three months, babies can focus on objects that are 8-11 inches away. This is roughly the distance from their parents faces while nursing or feeding. Vision rapidly improves thereafter. By holding Calma Koala™ in front of baby they can engage eye contact and then gentle move Calma Koala™ from side to side to encourage baby to follow the koala.

After a few weeks, babies begin to follow moving objects. Slowly move Calma Koala™ in different directions while making sure baby's gaze follows, this may help develop sight and coordination. Or lay your baby on their stomach and place Calma Koala™ in front of them to gain their attention. They will build upper strength and be kept engaged by looking and reaching for Calma Koala™.

Tummy time is good, however don't feel you need to do it or persist for too long if your baby is not enjoying it.

Ways to help you baby during tummy time
Calma Koala used to aid in tummy time

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