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Sue Nettleton
 Sue of Calma Koala™, AKA SOCK

Co Founder (Midwife, Mothercraft Nurse, Mum)

Sue is a mother, mothercraft nurse, midwife and childbirth facilitator. Sue has been a practicing mothercraft nurse/midwife for the past 35 years and has been working in her own business providing support to parents of newborns infants and toddlers. 

Sue also works as a research midwife to help improve the birth outcomes for mothers and babies.

Parenting is an important part of Sue’s life and she thoroughly enjoys helping to guide parents together with their midwife/obstetrician’s in one of the most pleasurable times in their lives.

Sue has a natural flare for design and in her down time creates beautiful clay pottery. Using her skills in pottery she created the first models of Calma Koala™ with clay. 

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Jennie Geisker
Jennie of Calma Koala™, AKA JOCK

Co Founder (Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Mum)

Jennie is a mother, entrepreneur and sister in law to Sue. Jennie worked as a project coordinator for some of Australia's top 100 companies before deciding to pursue her love of fashion by launching her own label 'The Shirt Muse'.

Jennie has a diploma of Business Management and a Postgraduate Certificate in Collective Entrepreneurship.

With a love for all things Australiana and a passion for creating and developing new ideas from the ground up, Jennie is in her element working with Australian manufacturers and designers in developing Calma Koala™ for international markets.

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