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Calming Toy

Calma Koala™ is designed to be used in repetition as a toy aid, along with our exclusive Calma Koala™ lullaby. 

Babies love the comfort of your voice, especially in song. 

We recommend when your baby needs calming place Calma Koala™ in their hands and in a soft slow voice sing the Calma Koala™ lullaby, or you can chose to play it via this website, Spotify or iTunes.

Your baby will soon associate the sense of calm with the presences of Calma Koala™ and/or hearing the lullaby.

Scroll below to read about how to use Calma Koala™ as a sensory development toy.

Sensory Toy

Calma Koala™ is uniquely different to other toys. It is soft to touch, soft in colouring and soft in sound. Designed to put your baby at ease and aid in sensory development. The natural shape and key features of a koala is what makes Calma Koala™ the perfect sensory toy.

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The upper chest of Calma Koala™ has five long hollow lines creating a unique sensory element. Squeeze the lower belly for a gentle rustling of leaves and to feel the textured paper inside, engaging your baby's sense of sound and touch.

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Calma Koala™ has large ears perfect for babies to grab and hold. Each ear has five raised elements enabling babies to chew on them to relieve sore gums.

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Calma Koala™ has a smile that creates a sense of joy and emotion. The mouth is thin and raised allowing another textured surface for touch.

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Calma Koala™ is packaged (Scratch smell calm sticker) with the scent of an Australian eucalyptus tree, known for its calming affects. Engages a baby's sense of smell.

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Arms and Legs

Calma Koala™ legs and arms are perfect to grab, hold, chew and touch.

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Nose and Eyes

Calma Koala™ has a large black nose and black eyes to engage a baby's sight. Babies prefer round shapes, making the head and eyes of Calma Koala™ more appealing. The nose protrudes allowing for chewing and touching.

How to use Calma Koala™  Ages 0-1

Calming Techniques 

Baby's can calm with rocking, touch and soft sounds, here are a few ways to calm your baby. 

  • You or Baby hold Calma Koala™ and in a soft voice sing Calma Koala™ Lullaby whilst baby focuses on Calma Koala™ or chews on ears.

  • Slow rocking; sway your baby back and forth with baby in your arms,  whilst baby in a pram by push back and forth or a baby carrier walking around.

  • The comfort of being wrapped in a swaddle can calm a baby.

  • For comfort of sore gums, baby can chew on Calma Koala™ textured elements including the ears.

  • A warm bath can relax a baby, Calma Koala™ can be taken into the bath, squeeze belly for soft sounds of rustling leaves or baby can chew on raised elements to relieve sore gums.​

  • Squeezing belly, dexterity and relaxing


Sensory Development Play

  • Tummy Time - Lay your baby on their stomach and place Calma Koala™ in front of them. They will build upper strength and be kept engaged by looking and reaching for Calma Koala™.

  • Show baby cause and effect, during bath time squeeze Calma Koala™ for the soft rustling sound of leaves.

  • Visual track of a moving object - Lay baby on their back and hold Calma Koala™ in front of the baby, gently move Calma Koala™ from side to side encouraging baby to follow the Koala.

  • Vision development - Calma Koala™ large black nose and eyes, along with the white elements in the ear engage a babies black and white monochrome sight.

  • Baby holding Calma Koala™ allows them to explore the different textures of the toy. 

  • Encourage hand eye coordination - place Calma Koala™ on the floor out of reach so baby can learn to reach and roll.

  • Peek a Boo - this teaches a baby cause and effect, hide Calma Koala™ under a cup and then show.

  • Passing the toy - This teaches the baby they have two side of the body, passing from one hand to the other

How to use Calma Koala  Ages 1-2


Calming Techniques
One of the best ways to use Calma Koala™ at this age is to encourage a regular sleep schedule and to help calm your child down during a tantrum.

  • ​ Prepare Calma Koala™ for bed together with baby. Take Calma Koala™ into the bath for washing and sing the lullaby. Calma Koala™ and child can go to bed at the same time and sing the lullaby to put Calma Koala™ to sleep. Helping your child associate sleeping and calming  with these steps.

  • During a tantrum we can calm a child by distraction and association. Get Calma Koala™ out and say lets sing the lullaby to calm Calma Koala™ because Calma is upset and needs to take a moment to rest.

Sensory Development Play

  • Show and learn about body parts by pointing to these elements on Calma Koala™, nose, eyes, ears, legs, arms and mouth as a happy emotion. 

  • Touch and understanding of different textures including softness - show how to be gentle with Calma Koala™ saying gentle, and comment on the smooth texture of the toy.

  • Balance - You could place Calma Koala™ on top of your child's head and get them to balance it. Perhaps try walking with out it falling off.

  • Coordination - Holding Calma Koala™ in one hand whilst raising the opposite foot to balance, then ask your child to move Calma Koala™ into the opposite hand without lowering the raised foot.

How to use Calma Koala  Ages 2 -3

Calming and Sensory Techniques

The world is a big and complicated place for a toddler, by using Calma Koala™ as a way to teach your child about the world around them in a playful way will help them to understand.

  • Calma Koala™ can be used as the example of how to do things. If you need to calm your toddler before bed, you can use Calma Koala™ as the example of what they should be doing. Calma Koala™ can be bathed, read a story too, tucked into bed and sing a lullaby. 

  • Teach your toddler how to take turns, you can play with Calma Koala™ and then they can play with Calma Koala™.

  • Imaginary play - talk about koala's eating leaves and being in the tree, what can they see from high in the sky, what sounds are around them.

  • Learning to jump and step, place Calma Koala™ on the ground and get your child to jump over it. 

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